dimension lumber

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dimension lumber, dimension stuff

Lumber cut to a particular size and stocked for the building industry; usually 2 to 5 in. (5.1 to 12.7 cm) thick and 5 to 12 in. (12.7 to 30.5 cm) wide.
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UCS/MOR relationships of this form have also been observed for hardwood dimension lumber (Green and McDonald 1993, Green and Rosales 2006) and 6 in.
Lumber produced from young fast growing pines that contain large volumes of juvenile wood may not have the stiffness required to meet the design requirements for southern pine dimension lumber (MacPeak et al.
Future directions for this research program include: further optimization of the commercial prototype restraint device and restraint drying of both longer and wider dimension lumber sawn from plantation pine.
The objectives of this study were: 1) to develop a method to assess lumber grade recovery improvement potential at the log level using branch size and location on log surface, internal knot shape, log top diameter, and visual grading rules for dimension lumber, and 2) to demonstrate how this method could be applied using a sample of 2.5 m black spruce logs selected from a spacing trial near Thunder Bay, Ontario.
The sample was randomly divided into two subsamples, one to be sawn for dimension lumber and the other for appearance-grade lumber.
Production levels in the first quarter of 2019, on an annualized basis, represented approximately 89% of targeted levels for 2019 and 76% of two-shift dimension lumber production capacity of 550 million board feet.
One of the major changes was going from design values established from small clear specimens to one calculated after in-grade testing of dimension lumber with a representative sample across many regions in the Pacific Northwest (Jones 1989).
Cross-laminated timber is an engineered wood system typically consisting of three, five or seven layers of dimension lumber oriented at right angles to one another and then glued together to form structural panels.
I made my blast shield out of dimension lumber and plywood.
The company has built a reputation for long dimension lumber and just a few sawmills on the West Coast are cutting such beams.
In recent years, the Shakopee, MN-based company has invested $1.8 million in high-tech equipment to optimize the production of its hardwood moulding and dimension lumber.