dimethyl ketone

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dimethyl ketone:

see acetoneacetone
, dimethyl ketone
, or 2-propanone
, CH3COCH3, colorless, flammable liquid. Acetone melts at −94.8°C; and boils at 56.2°C;. It is the simplest aliphatic ketone.
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1], belonging to the C=O groups in dimethyl ketone and diethyl ether liquids, is considerably amplified as compared with that in other liquid products.
Liquefaction of kerogen in both hydrocarbon and aqueous superheated solvents yielded only kerogen-derived gaseous components while gas produced in superheated diethyl ether, ethanol or dimethyl ketone consisted mainly of thermal and thermochemical decomposition products of the solvents.
respectively, were produced in the case of dimethyl ketone decomposition.