dimethyl ketone

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dimethyl ketone:

see acetoneacetone
, dimethyl ketone
, or 2-propanone
, CH3COCH3, colorless, flammable liquid. Acetone melts at −94.8°C; and boils at 56.2°C;. It is the simplest aliphatic ketone.
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One can see that spectra obtained in the medium of solvents stable and chemically inert under superheated conditions (benzene, n-hexane, water) are similar and noticeably differ from the spectra recorded when labile and chemically active solvents (diethyl ether, ethanol, dimethyl ketone) were used.
Absorptions at 2990-2970, 2850, 1430 and 1300-1100 [cm.sup.-1] originate from C-O and C-O-C and C=O groups incorporated from diethyl ether and dimethyl ketone. Also absorption at 1720 [cm.sup.-1], belonging to the C=O groups in dimethyl ketone and diethyl ether liquids, is considerably amplified as compared with that in other liquid products.
Considerable amounts of both carbon oxides and methane were yielded (26-32 vol.%), but their maximum yields, 42 and 39 vol.%, respectively, were produced in the case of dimethyl ketone decomposition.