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On drawings, abbr. for dimension.
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(Dual In-Line Memory Module) A printed circuit board that holds memory chips and plugs into a DIMM socket on the motherboard. See memory module.
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Every 2 days 20 hours 49 minutes, Algol is at its dimmest, magnitude 3.4 instead of its usual 2.1.
Only an American with a built-in inferiority complex would describe the dimmest bulb on the royal tree as the "suddenly hot, newly anointed mini media baron".
The dimmest of wits would have suspected a plot in last night's EastEnders (BBC1).
Here, even the relatively bright, intermediate-mass stars have died out, and the dimmest stars (with masses less than that of the sun) get their turn in the limelight, glowing primarily in the red.
For instance, they have the dimmest of views about entry-level Go To scopes.
What I think they mean is that even the dimmest of men can go out with her and still feel like the winner of Mastermind.
On the standard astronomical brightness scale, the dimmest of these objects have a magnitude of 29.
The researchers determined the distance from Earth to the dimmest of a number of very faint stars identified in a survey conducted by Michael R.S.
Outlaw Mattie Lurie has only the dimmest memories of childhood and the Muslim religion in which he was raised before coming to the United States.
At this point, even the dimmest MSPs might examine their button-holes.
In a world that can get ridden with so much hate and negativity, even the smallest and dimmest of lights have the capacity to shine bright in the darkest moments.
Scientists tested the ability of the patients' photoreceptors to receive and signal light by presenting them with flashes of light in the dark and measuring the dimmest flash that was detected.