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On drawings, abbr. for dimension.
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(Dual In-Line Memory Module) A printed circuit board that holds memory chips and plugs into a DIMM socket on the motherboard. See memory module.
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Again, when I am in the company of one of my two hexagonal Grandsons, contemplating one of his sides (AB) full front, it will be evident from the accompanying diagram that I shall see one whole line (AB) in comparative brightness (shading off hardly at all at the ends) and two smaller lines (CA and BD) dim throughout and shading away into greater dimness towards the extremities C and D.
In such a crowd you could see on all sides of you nothing but a Line, apparently straight, but of which the parts would vary irregularly and perpetually in brightness or dimness. Even if you had completed your third year in the Pentagonal and Hexagonal classes in the University, and were perfect in the theory of the subject, you would still find that there was need of many years of experience, before you could move in a fashionable crowd without jostling against your betters, whom it is against etiquette to ask to "feel", and who, by their superior culture and breeding, know all about your movements, while you know very little or nothing about theirs.
We would also request the authorities to increase the number of streetlights, as the dimness of the area encourages people to liter without being noticed or caught.
In the dimness of the cinema the ghost-hunters' light will leave you half-blind and completely distracted from the movie.
In fact, the general dimness didn't do justice to the blooms at all-not to mention, it was just too cold.
The study's lead author Ko Arimatsu revealed that their team did not have a big budget so they looked for occultations, or in this case, events that cause a dimness in the sky that could indicate KBOs are passing in front of stars.
The changgeuk wraps up with "Farewell," reading "Farewell, To the dim stage of all partings, To the chair, part of this dimness, To the road made by my shoes, Farewell."
With the help of meds and the doctors, Ima has overcome the dimness of dementia.
This is disgusting!" Another complained you could "hardly see a thing" after 6pm, while someone else said the dimness of the lights risked turning Speke into a "robber's paradise."
In the dimness of the shaded wood, some things began to shift into place.
A 37-year-old male presented with dimness of vision with constricted visual field in his left eye for the past 3 months.
BETWEEN DARKNESS AND DIMNESSDuring my short stay in my rural village, over 50 percent of the time there was absolutely no power and when it did come, the supply was dancing between darkness and dimness.One really wonders how the laptop project that had been pegged on having reliable power in 22,000 primary schools across the country is surviving with this type of erratic power supply.