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(database, networking)
Cross-platform distributed transaction monitor middleware marketed by BEA systems. Tuxedo supports the production of scalable client-server applications and the coordination of transactions spanning heterogeneous databases, operating systems, and hardware.

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A TP monitor from BEA Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA (www.beasys.com) that runs on a variety of Unix-based computers. Originally developed by AT&T and sold as source code, Novell acquired it, enhanced it and offered it as shrink-wrapped software for various Unix servers. It was later sold to BEA. BEA Tuxedo and IBM Transarc's Encina are the major TP monitors in the Unix world. See BEA WebLogic.
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Eg: Castro "misguided", Gadaffi "mad", Dinner Jacket "evil".
Leave it to modern style mavens to reject black for a dinner jacket, but embrace it in a suit.
The image of Field in a dinner jacket grabbing a woman by the throat could be a metaphor for all that is wrong with this arrogant Government: the sense of entitlement, contempt for those outside their gilded circle and disdain for those who dare to protest.
Ever since Yves Saint Laurent put a lady in a dinner jacket in 1966, it's been a striking alternative to a posh frock.
It is not the place to come if you like cask ale and an old man in a dinner jacket with a bow tie sat at a grand piano tinkling away old classics after you have enjoyed your port and coffee in a dimly lit room.
Second Division outfit Cultural Leonesa have launched a bizarre new black and white shirt that features a dinner jacket and dickie bow design on the front.
Clooney added that the 72-year-old Wynn was one of the richest men in the world and he should be congratulated for it, but he needed to take off his red sparkly dinner jacket and roll up his sleeves every once in a while and understand what most of the country was actually dealing with.
A bag of bones in a dinner jacket is nota good look.
Actually, I don't get invited to any shindigs that require a dinner jacket. The black-tie-and-defrosted-prawn circuit is the stomping ground of colleagues on the business desk, whose members attend so many gala functions they frequently come to the office dressed like Fred Astaire in Puttin' on the Ritz.
GH Mumm's striking red "dinner jacket" is zipped over a bottle of Cordon Rouge (pounds 26.99, Waitrose), keeping it chilled from fridge to flute.
James Henry Kerby, who was attacked by a mugger and had three military medals stripped from his dinner jacket PICTURE: Richard Swingler [umlaut]
Typical sentiments from the man who carried his trademarks of dinner jacket, straw hat, dazzling smile and Parisian accent through most of this century in music hall and cabaret, on screen, stage and television.