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The annual report was released this month and has been posted on the diocesan website (
The decision rests with the Diocesan Chancellor, Judge John Griffith Williams QC, who presided at the court.
The letter says, in part, "We join our voices to those of so many others at this time, voices urging that diocesan priesthood now be open to married men as well as to celibate men....
Burns next considers broader national debates in which he traces the implications of the Diocesan Revival.
'A newly transferred parish priest cannot implement any project regarding construction or major renovation for the first year of his term, but he can start the planning during the first year of his term if he has the intention for any major renovation or new construction,' reads a portion of its guidelines which form part of the diocesan circular released on Jan.
All three historic diocesan banners will then be truly laid up and a new banner made to represent the new diocese.
There, he presented his idea for mailing diocesan newspapers together with the national newspaper, then called Canadian Churchman.
Andrew Gehringer, diocesan director of vocations, and Fr.
Here the Diocesan Office, the Anglican National Education Office, Bishop's House and staff housing are sited around a central green space, with the offices for Anglicare - the diocese's initiative for social action which focuses particularly on HIV/AIDS education and care, literacy, youth and women's issues - situated opposite.
The nephews were up front and the monk was at the rear with the diocesan communications director, also a slight man.
But the Church should start seriously considering changes in the diocesan priesthood.
Women and the Church (Watch) said 28 out of 30 of the Church of England's diocesan synods have now voted to endorse legislation introducing women bishops.