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The branch of optics that treats of the refraction of light, especially by the transparent medium of the eye, and by lenses.
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the study of the refraction of light when it passes through separate refracting surfaces and their systems. The term “dioptrics” is often used in connection with the eye: the dioptrics of the eye is the study of the properties of the eye as an optical instrument.

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lacks any retinal cell type that could correspond to the cone cells that form the dioptrics of shallow-water shrimp, whereas the corneal epidermis of R.
The cornea is smooth without evidence of any of the dioptric apparatus typical of an invertebrate compound eye.
If the dioptrics of the special war is confirmed by time one day too, then the post-Yugoslav slogan of the 90s -"Oasis of peace" will fall in disgrace.
Moreover, the various models and analogies that Descartes uses to explain the behavior of light (especially in the Dioptrics) often appear incompatible with a unified view of the motion by which light propagates.
Perhaps because of limitations on space, discussions of many related topics in metaphysics and epistemology, and even of the contexts and aims of various works (such as the Dioptrics), are either truncated or ignored altogether.