diploid cell

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diploid cell:

see meiosismeiosis
, process of nuclear division in a living cell by which the number of chromosomes is reduced to half the original number. Meiosis occurs only in the process of gametogenesis, i.e., when the gametes, or sex cells (ovum and sperm), are being formed.
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Then they submit a group paper summarizing what they learned from viewing the cells and how the HeLa cells are different from normal, diploid cells.
1973, "The effects of adapting human diploid cells to grow in glutamic acid media on cell morphology, growth and metabolism," J.
primary cell, diploid cell and continuous cell cultures used for the production of cell culture rabies vaccine.
4 mL of rabies immune globulin and 1 mL of rabies human diploid cell vaccine, administered a tetanus-diphtheria vaccine booster, and released.
Meiosis produces haploid cells and forms a diploid cell.
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Prokaryotic microorganisms, such as yeasts, which are 200 times smaller than a human diploid cell, as well as bacteria, protozoa, algae, and molds, might also be measured by flow cytometry.
Concomitant use of human disploid cell vaccine (HDCV) or rhesus diploid cell vaccine, rabies, vaccine absorbed (RVA) 1 ml IM in the deltoid at a site different from the RIG.
Sexual reproduction is the cyclic alternation of (i) the fusion of haploid cells (often called gametes) to produce a diploid (the zygote), and (ii) the regeneration of haploid cells from a diploid cell by meiosis.
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