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a document conferring a qualification, recording success in examinations or successful completion of a course of study



(1) An official document testifying to the completion of a higher or specialized secondary educational institution or to the conferring of an academic degree or academic title.

(2) A document certifying the right of an institution, organization, or individual citizen to carry out certain activities (for instance, to conduct trade).

(3) An award for achievements in various kinds of contests, competitions, and exhibitions.

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Cidesco has invited colleges and schools to add the diplomas to their programs.
Elaborating further, Julka said consequent to IIMC being granted the status of an "Institute of National Importance" it would enable the institute to award degrees, in addition to the Post-Graduate Diplomas it currently awards.
If you are looking for a Kansas college where you can pursue a career in the fields of healthcare, computer technology, or business administration; the diploma programs offered here might be the right fit for you.
We have recently held intensive workshops and consultations with employer groups and industry partners who are really excited about the new diploma to see our engineering graduates meet the needs of the UAE's national priorities," he added.
The diploma comprises lecture sessions and workshops in which active participation is compulsory.
It will undoubtedly spawn an army of new consultants helping businesses figure out who has these skills without requiring a high school diploma and force them to spend time and money demonstrating to the satisfaction of the EEOC and some prospective jury that the job actually did require these skills.
Speaking to EurActiv, Kalfin said the diploma legalization procedure in Bulgaria was way to heavy.
The Nobel Prize diplomas are unique to each prize winner and an exhibition showcasing copies of some famous diplomas is on at the India Habitat Centre currently, as a part of the ongoing Sweden-India Nobel Memorial Week.
The Diploma offers cosmetic doctors a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MSc and provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical foundation for doctors in the field of cosmetic medicine.
According to new Child Trends research, one in three (34 percent) of young women who had been teen mothers did not earn a high school diploma or a GED, compared with only 6 percent of young women who had not had a teen birth.
The awards aim to recognise the excellent work taking place in schools around the country which offer the new diploma qualification.
A Birmingham independent school has become the first in the country to completely scrap A-levels in favour of a diploma course.