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a document conferring a qualification, recording success in examinations or successful completion of a course of study



(1) An official document testifying to the completion of a higher or specialized secondary educational institution or to the conferring of an academic degree or academic title.

(2) A document certifying the right of an institution, organization, or individual citizen to carry out certain activities (for instance, to conduct trade).

(3) An award for achievements in various kinds of contests, competitions, and exhibitions.

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PROGRAMME STRUCTUREPharmacy diploma holders who scored a pass (or a GPA t3.
He emphasized the nominated officials to get the maximum benefit from the diploma course and then work efficiently in the field.
The proposed traditional diploma, however, would require students in up to half of Mississippi's school districts to take more classes to graduate.
We are inviting you to buy fake diploma or degree to get a quick promotion or to secure your future job.
Cidesco has invited colleges and schools to add the diplomas to their programs.
If you are looking for a Kansas college where you can pursue a career in the fields of healthcare, computer technology, or business administration; the diploma programs offered here might be the right fit for you.
With this new applied diploma we are meeting the UAE's demand for qualified Emiratis at all levels ensuring our graduates are work-ready," said Dr Phil Quirke, Director of Academic Affairs at HCT.
The new ACCA Foundation Diploma has seven exams, plus the Foundations in Professionalism online module, as follows:
Also, the Nacid Commission can invalidate a diploma if the foreign university is not recognised by the foreign country's authorities.
The new 18-month diploma of enrolled nursing is attracting more than enough students at the institutes of technology offering the new qualification.
Naipaul's Nobel Prize Diploma (he won it for Literature in 2001), Swedish artist Bo Larsson drew a floral painting with flowers in an oddly-shaped vase.
UK Diploma (LON:DPLM), a supplier of specialised technical products and services, said on Friday it had taken full control of US All Seals for up to GBP7.