dipole moment

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Dipole moment

A mathematical quantity characteristic of a dipole unit equal to the product of one of its charges times the vector distance separating the charges. The dipole moment μ associated with a distribution of

electric charges qi is given by where r i is the vector to the charge qi. For systems with a net charge (for example, positive), the origin is taken at the mean position of the positive charges (and vice versa). Dipole moments have the dimensions coulomb-meters. Molecular dipole moments were previously expressed in debye units, where 1 debye = 3.336 × 10-30 C · m. See Dipole

dipole moment

[′dī‚pōl ‚mō·mənt]
(physical chemistry)
The vector sum of the bond moments in a molecule, a measure of the polarity of the molecule.
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The polarizability is related to the vector dipole moment [[[vector].
Here the field-induced shape and crystallization transitions occurred because formamide, like water and many other materials, is characterized by a relatively large electric dipole moment.
Strong inductive withdrawing groups will contribute significantly to increasing while providing the larger dipole moments useful for obtaining molecular alignment in thin film polymers via poling techniques.
2 Se under an external field also explains the increase in the total dipole moment.
The side groups and the dipole moment of the amino and carboxyl groups determine most of the low-frequency dielectric properties of the acid.
where [gamma] is the angle between the transition dipole moment vector of the absorbing group and the chain axis of the molecule [11,12].
The magnetism arises from the magnetic dipole moment of unpaired electrons in the d- or f-orbitals.
Applied to the already known solar system bodies, the methods developed by Zuluaga and his team are able to predict the so-called magnetic dipole moment of bodies ranging from Ganymede to Jupiter to the right order of magnitude.
in (A1) comes from squaring the time derivative of the dipole moment [e.
In his own work, Dietrich searches for a phenomenon called an electric dipole moment, in which the center of positive charge of an atom lies at a different point than its center of negative charge.
Then polarizability, charge distribution, potential and dipole moment for molecules placed in the external electric field of 0.
While the measured viscosity of R1234ze(E) with the lower dipole moment is close to that of R134a, the refrigerant to be replaced, that of R1234yf with the higher dipole moment is up to 25 % lower.