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4pm: I conduct an interview with a potential new member of the Dipstix team, who, if successful will join our marketing department and help develop our brand identity.
David Cederholm, managing director of the Liverpool-based website | |
It's an incredibly exciting time for Dipstix and we're just about to reach out to the public with our crowd-funding drive.
Often included in the routine workup are tests that indicate whether vital organs are functioning normally: blood, the full blood count (FBC); liver--the alanine aminotransaminase (ALT) level; and kidneys--urea or creatinine and urine dipstix. From time to time sophisticated diagnostic tests are indicated (blood cultures, malaria smears, sputum analysis for TB and urine microscopy), but tests that directly measure the micronutrient status of the patient are seldom required.
Urine dipstix, renal function tests, blood electrolytes, full blood count and C-reactive protein were normal.