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Due to the lower number of devices and systems powered with direct current (as compared to alternating current) under voltages capable of producing adverse effects, the direct current shock incidents are much less frequent than those involving alternating currents, and they constitute only a few percent of the overall number of electric shock accidents [14].
It would not require significant modifications to a car's battery or electrical system, which would continue to operate on 12 volts of direct current.
It provides the soldiers with 60 Hertz of alternating current and/or direct current at all times.
Contract notice: Additional delivery of single-phase, three-phase direct current meters, three-phase direct current meters and PLC routers with S-FSK modulation.
The conductor is used, among other things, when battery direct current is converted into alternating current in an electric motor.
On the way from the DolWin Kappa converter station, where the three-phase current generated at sea is converted to direct current, to Hilgenriedersiel on the mainland, around 45 kilometres away, the cables will cross the island of Norderney.
DC Power System Design for Telecommunications describes how to design direct current power systems for telecommunications applications.
7095 entirely managed by computer systems, for the assignment of the current in the traction motors repair service alternating and direct current, moto-alternators and small rotating electrical machines - divided into 3 lots.
The PG0426NL series features low direct current resistance (DCR) and high saturation current in a low-profile, self-leaded, surface mount package.
This innovative architecture eliminates LO pulling and dynamic direct current (DC) offset issues - solving the classic direct conversion radio design challenges, while allowing the use of readily available synthesizer products, including the SKY72302.
Construction and offshore installation of the BorWin3 platform of TenneT, which will house a Siemens HVDC station that converts the alternating current produced by the wind turbines to direct current before transmitting it onshore to the German national grid.
Contract Awarded for Manufactured and delivered India's first 800KV high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transformer for the Champa-Kurukshetra ultra-high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) phase one link.

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