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Behavioral inhibition system had negative direct effect on mental toughness (which supported our second hypothesis), and mental toughness had negative direct effect on depression (which supported our third hypothesis).
However, for direct effects our findings suggest that as values of social support goes up the strength of relationship between trauma exposure and future orientation drops down significantly (p0.05) for the regression coefficient of trauma exposure x social support on PTSD, however, the interaction effect of trauma exposure and social support has significant effect on pro-sociality as (p<0.001).
The linear regression analysis (Figure 2) of the direct effect variables on yield showed a significant linear effect for the variables number of fertile spikelets, panicle mass and number of panicles per square meter.
On the parallel side, among these four independent variables, supportive leadership style has shown the significant direct effect on the locus of control variable [sup extt = 0.106] .
Path analysis permits the partitioning of the correlation coefficient into its components, one component being the path coefficient that measures the direct effect of a predictor variable upon its response variable; the second component being the indirect effect(s) of a predictor variable on the response variable through another predictor variable.
"These LPAs are likely to intensify into tropical cyclones but they will be moving northward, having no direct effect on the country.
* Fusion Packaging expanded its product offerings with the introduction of Direct Effect, a new collection of tube-based direct applicators for targeted treatment.
For Israel, any change or real threat that puts Jordan in instability has a direct effect on Israel, such a direct effect that can change the whole national security policy of Israel....Israel should look at it as an almost direct threat to Israel.
This Article discusses the "direct effect" provision under FSIA's commercial activities exception.
"Ownership changes in companies occur all the time and this has no direct effect on the position of the staff employed in the company.