direct nailing

face nailing

Nailing in which the nails are driven perpendicular to the face of the material.
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For the common joist end fastening methods studied in this project, including toe-nailing, direct nailing, and use of joist hangers, the assumption of rigid support leads to negligible errors in static deflection calculation.
In Figure 1a, toe-nails are used to fasten the joist end to a wall plate, whereas in Figure 1c direct nailing of the bottom flange of I-joists to the wall plate is shown.
Direct nailing. -- In this case the stiffness governing the support condition is the axial withdrawal stiffness of the nail, as it is assumed that the joist connects to the bearing plate via the fasteners only, and that there is no direct contact between the two (Fig.
Plywood gussets, with a large nailing surface, are a strong, convenient method of joining truss components (direct nailing would only splinter the ends of the boards and weaken the truss).
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