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1. (of government, decisions, etc.) by or from the electorate rather than through representatives
2. Logic Maths (of a proof) progressing from the premises to the conclusion, rather than eliminating the possibility of the falsehood of the conclusion
3. Astronomy moving from west to east on the celestial sphere
a. of or relating to direct current
b. (of a secondary induced current) having the same direction as the primary current
5. Music
a. (of motion) in the same direction
b. (of an interval or chord) in root position; not inverted


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

When a planet is moving from west to east in the natural order of the zodiac, it is said to be moving direct. Direct is the antonym to retrograde, which is the apparent movement of a planet backward through the zodiac.


A straight-line flight between two navigation aids, fixes, points, or any combination thereof. It is that portion of flight not flown on radials or courses of established airways. When used by pilots to describe off-airway routes, the points defining direct route segments become compulsory reporting points unless the aircraft is under radar contact. Also called direct flight.
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Gender of the faculty target of communication was experimentally manipulated, with the expectation that students may exhibit differing degrees of politeness, directness, and formality in composing messages to male and female faculty.
Visitors who are used to more directness must learn not to give straight refusals or a frank "no.
What defense lawyers are going to have, not only in the 6th Circuit but across the country, is the ability to point to a very respected court of appeals ruling that directness is part of proximate cause," Adler says.
Despite their directness Armantrout's poems do not pretend to have all the answers.
THE letter from Mrs Brenda Robshaw (Mailbag, June 17) of Almondbury was palpable in its directness, sadness and frustration.
The value of this book is in its directness and simplicity.
The winning OPC announcement declared: "strong graphics, subtle messages and a sense of fun are in the DNA of Breen's cartoons, but in works like White Lines, he also delivers directness and a clear point of view.
Tips are also given on how to maintain the balance of directness and diplomacy when delivering bad news.
The return of Darren Ryan to the number 12 shirt added a directness to their midfield running and with flanker Rhys Shellard in support therewas no shortage of promising attacks.
Yes, you really did read a Foster's Daily Democrat article about Governor Lynch's recent appearance at the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce that began with the words describing Lynch as "known for his directness.
He brought to this beguilingly beautiful piece the virtuosity that you expect of a player held in such high regard, but there was also intelligence, poise and an ability to tap into the emotions with spellbinding directness.
A half-Swedish American, she has a fatalistic directness that Will expertly counters during their verbal sparring matches.

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