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(1) An ancient Arabian silver coin equal to 2.97 g of pure silver. Minted from 695 A.D. The dirham was used by the Arabs in their trade with foreign countries, including ancient Rus’ from the ninth to the 13th centuries.

(2) A change coin used in Iraq, equivalent to 50 fils or 1/20 of a dinar.

(3) A monetary unit in Morocco, equivalent to 100 Moroccan francs. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR as of Jan. 1, 1971, 100 dirhams are equal to 17 rubles, 78 kopecks.

(4) A unit of measurement of precious metals used in Egypt and Sudan, equivalent to 3.12 g.

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La poursuite de la montee en charge du pipeline a permis de realiser des economies de couts totalisant 1,07 milliard de dirhams sur la periode, pour un volume transporte total de 8,29 millions de tonnes.
Emaar Development, the real estate arm of Emaar, earlier said its net profit increased by about 62 percent to 819 million dirhams during the three months to end-March, from 506 million dirhams a year earlier.
In 2008, businessman Saeed Al Khouri, paid 52.2 million dirhams for the number 1 license plate in Abu Dhabi, a record for the country.
from 2.11bn dirhams ($574m) in 2014, according to a bourse statement.
Cost-cutting measures led to savings of 1.1 billion dirhams in the first three quarters of 2015 with capex reduced by 43 percent, he added.
Based on 2013 investment of 8.6bn dirhams total buying by Pakistanis in 2013 and 2014 stood at 16.1bn dirhams according to data of Dubai Land Department (DLD).
Total loans grew 7pc in 2014 to reach 140.5bn dirhams, while deposits advanced 9pc to 126bn dirhams over the same period.
One analyst at Naeem Holding had forecast the property firm would make a fourth-quarter net profit of 32 million dirhams.-Reuters
of which came from a staffer at SICO Bahrain, with a projected figure of 6 million Dirhams (US$ 1.63 million).
Non-interest income jumped 28.1 percent in the third quarter as the lender booked 190.7 million dirhams of net gains on investments versus a loss of 27.8 million dirhams a year ago.
On Sunday, Emaar said villa sales jumped 85 percent to 959 million dirhams in 2011 while sales of commercial units and land plots more than doubled to 2.7 billion dirhams.