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(1) See assistive technology.

(2) Turned off. Not active. "Disabled" does not mean broken or in disrepair. It typically refers to software that has numerous options, or features, that are selectable by the user. If the option is disabled, which is often indicated by the lack of a check in a check box, that function is no longer active.

With regard to hardware, the term may refer to a normal operation or one a bit more severe. For example, one might flip a switch or move a lever to disable a function, or pull the plug out of the wall socket, or in a more extreme case, open the device and pull out or cut wires. Contrast with "enabled," which means "turned on" and active.

To Do or Not to Do
Disabling and enabling options in software are typically done by clicking check boxes. The top function is not active, while the bottom one is.
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The NHS Foundation Trust - which runs Leighton Hospital in Crewe, Victoria Infirmary in Northwich and Elmhurst in Winsford - has released new information revealing how disabled staff are treated differently.
The concerns were raised during a meeting held to increase awareness of the rights of disabled people, as well as to share information on job prospects and training opportunities for them.
to review the problems and complaints of disabled persons here Monday.
It is mandatory for the government offices to give work scope to the five percent disabled people.
While addressing a seminar on special persons chief election commissioner said that postal ballot was introduced for disabled persons.
There are 298,000 disabled workers in Yorkshire and Humberside (12.1% of the regional workforce).
The author pointed out the business industry is developing products to help disabled people enjoy sightseeing in the capital, but it is still at a level where many improvements are needed.
She said there is a need for a comprehensive assessment and audit of the disabled persons in the country.
Meanwhile, almost one in five disabled people are unable to afford multiple basic items like household bills or the cost of adequately heating their home.
The idea is to reserve a set number of homes for disabled applicants, or those who live with a disabled relative, in order to fast-track their applications.
And when it came to the employment of disabled people in Cyprus, the figures showed that while the employment rate for persons with no disabilities was 70 per cent, less than one in two disabled people are employed (46.4 per cent).

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