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That the question therefore was not, whether a man would choose to be always in the prime of youth, attended with prosperity and health; but how he would pass a perpetual life under all the usual disadvantages which old age brings along with it.
The States less favorably circumstanced would be desirous of escaping from the disadvantages of local situation, and of sharing in the advantages of their more fortunate neighbors.
This brilliant company separated into several groups who all discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the position, the state of the army, the plans suggested, the situation of Moscow, and military questions generally.
Yet, that I hold the advantages of the mode of publication to outweigh its disadvantages, may be easily believed of one who revived it in the Pickwick Papers after long disuse, and has pursued it ever since.
"For instance, Sobriety is a very good thing, when practised in moderation: but even Sobriety, when carried to an extreme, has its disadvantages."
"What are its disadvantages?" was the question that rose in my mind-- and, as usual, Bruno asked it for me.
Providing a statement excluding a disadvantage clearly yields the most favourable attitude in combination with all of the advantages.
Think tank Demos found Glasgow is the worst affected with more than one in 10 families (11 per cent) facing severe disadvantage - almost three times the national average of four per cent.
Mr O'Dowd said: "The principle of retaining the social disadvantage
The Steven Gerrard Foundation (SGF) aims to support projects which have a long-term impact on disadvantaged children, including those affected by illness, family breakdown, disability, involvement in the streets or educational disadvantage.
877) examined trends in urban population growth and urban under-5 mortality between 1983 and 2003 in Nigeria and associations with socioeconomic disadvantage in these areas.
This volume examines various aspects of disadvantage and a variety of ways of increasing the ability of low-income youths to improve their circumstances later in life.