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The least understood and least trained ISB purpose is to deploy airborne forces to forward stage in order to disaggregate and aggregate en route.
It is my hope that they will disaggregate the data for African Americans as well.
Disaggregate hospital and physician estimates into inpatient and outpatient expenditures.
First, every court that has considered the issue has accepted the cluster, and in the most recent decision to consider the question, the court has specifically rejected the Department's attempt to disaggregate the cluster.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-May 15, 2017-Telefonica Germany, Coriant disaggregate 100G, 150G, 200G trial
We find that there is a joint causality between wages and disaggregate inflation.
This lack of credible data is made worse by the inability to disaggregate these activities by gender.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2017-Telefonica Germany, Coriant disaggregate 100G, 150G, 200G trial
As a rule, it's probably better to disaggregate as many lump sums as we can.
And you really do need good tools to disaggregate data," says Jaanne Tice, city of Burlington Public School District technology coordinator.
Once the aggregation election is made, it may not be possible to disaggregate (Temp.
At Love Elementary School in Houston Independent School District, for example, teachers can disaggregate data, take scores from standardized tests and figure out why students answered wrong on any question, according to teacher technologist Patricia Garcia-Perez.