disaster recovery

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disaster recovery

(DR) Planning and implementation of procedures and facilities for use when essential systems are not available for a period long enough to have a significant impact on the business, e.g. when the head office is blown up.

Disasters include natural: fire, flood, lightning, hurricane; hardware: power failure, component failure, head crash; software failure: bugs, resources; vandalism: arson, bombing, cracking, theft; data corruption or loss: human error, media failure; communications: computer network equipment, network storm, telephones; security: passwords compromised, computer virus; legal: change in legislation; personnel: unavailability of essential staff, industrial action.

Companies need to plan for disaster: before: risk analysis, preventive measures, training; during: how should staff and systems respond; after: recovery measures, post mortem analysis.

Hardware can usually be replaced and is usually insured. Software and data needs to be backed up off site. Alternative communication systems should be arranged in case of network failure or inaccessible premises, e.g. emergency telephone number, home working, alternative data center.
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disaster recovery

A plan for duplicating computer operations after a catastrophe occurs, such as a fire or earthquake. It includes routine off-site backup as well as a procedure for activating vital information systems in a new location.

The ability to recover information systems quickly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 proved the value of disaster recovery. Many companies that had programs in place were up and running within a few days in new locations. Companies that did not have disaster recovery systems had the most difficulty recreating their information infrastructure. See business continuity, data recovery, backup and contingency plan.
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According to PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business, Jovy Hernandez, the complementing features of the VITRO Data Center and the new PLDT Clarktel Disaster Recovery Facility will help deliver outstanding business continuity and resilience to enterprises, specific to their backup requirements.
Our disaster recovery services have been devised with the same approach.
Obviously, having a backup copy of content stored in a remote cloud location makes a lot of sense for broadcast facilities, and hosted disaster recovery is an efficient, affordable way to do it.
IT-Lifeline said it also signed up six new financial institutions for its BlackCloud Disaster Recovery Solution over the same time period last year.
Regulators require a written disaster recovery management plan and evidence of annual critical environment testing.
eHDF has recently seen extensive growth in the demand for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services.
Keenan added, "Chances are, that most travel companies have well established and secure disaster recovery plans in place, but their CIOs have failed to communicate these plans to their users, who as a result are unclear as to how these would operate and what they should do during a disaster."
Emirates Computers, Magirus and VMware Hold Disaster Recovery SeminarDemonstrate the benefits of VMware's innovative virtualization solutions for disaster recovery and share customer success stories with delegates at the event.Emirates Computers today announced that they held a Disaster Recovery Seminar along with Magirus and VMware for their customers at the Al Murooj Rotana Hotel Dubai on November 30, 2008.
The effectiveness of the disaster recovery plan can be assessed only if rigorous testing is carried out at least once a year in simulated but realistic conditions.
Part I describes the nature of disasters and their effects on business, and takes readers on an end-to-end tour of the entire disaster recovery planning process.
Through complementary technology, this powerful combined solution enables effective storage, protection and disaster recovery for data within the customer's IT infrastructure.

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