disc repair

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disc repair

The removal of fingerprints and scratches from the non-label side of CDs and DVDs. Although lasers can read a disc with minor scratches, heavy scratches will cause read errors. The lowest-end repair kits provide a bottle of liquid and hand wipes for removing minor scratches. Consumer machines are widely available that buff the disc surface, while high-end prosumer and commercial machines resurface the disc by sanding or reshaping. See also data recovery.

Consumer Grade
Models similar to this unit from Aleratec are widely used in the home to clean and restore most discs. This unit performs a light sanding of the surface. (Image courtesy of Aleratec Inc., www.aleratec.com)

The Wet Sanding Method
Used by prosumers, this Aleratec machine sands the surface by bathing the disc in an abrasive liquid for several minutes. (Image courtesy of Aleratec Inc., www.aleratec.com)

The Dry Approach
Used by prosumers and disc rental organizations, this Venmill Skip-Away heats the disc to a temperature that enables a buffing wheel to reshape the surface without removing any material. Venmill also makes higher-speed commercial models for continuous use, and all units employ the reshaping method.
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The BoneBac TLIF spacer also provides surgeons two options of implant insertion: insert and rotate and straight insertion thereby increasing the amount of disc restoration in comparison to other TLIF systems.
Our users such as video rental businesses, libraries, government and education users, all have indicated the need for a robust commercial grade disc restoration system.
It includes Blu-ray Disc burning support, automatic disc cataloging, cross-platform data spanning and disc restoration.
This award-winning version supports Blu-ray Disc burning; has automatic disc cataloging; has cross-platform data spanning, which automatically splits files and folders across multiple discs and maintains the exact folder and file structure for easy retrieval; and has disc restoration, which can help retrieve data from damaged discs.