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Nevertheless, estimating discharge coefficient (which is dependent upon flow characteristics, channel and side weir geometry) is a key issue in analyzing flow discharge over these structures.
In (4), [C.sub.d], [], and [] are venturi discharge coefficient, throat area, and throat pressure, respectively, [rho] being oxidizer density, and [P.sub.up] is upstream pressure.
The flow losses are described with the discharge coefficient [C.sub.d] treated as a characteristic design parameter of the valve [32].
Rehbock [19] purposed the flowing equation based on experimental data for estimating discharge coefficient of the rectangular weir with wide equal to channel.
The generated data was used to determine important spray parameters like mass flow rate, nozzle discharge coefficient, Weber number, Reynolds number, spray cone angle, cone length, cone width, and jet penetration for different solution temperatures and pumping pressures.
For a given cone meter geometry this equation uses the discharge coefficient to link known fluid properties and the read DP to the flow rate.
where [C.sub.d] is the nozzle discharge coefficient, assumed equal to 0.78 (Lichtarowicz et al.
For some of our venturis (with relatively short diffusers) this pressure difference caused slight changes in the upstream pressure (and the discharge coefficient), even at conditions well above the critical pressure ratio.
Discharge Coefficient, Flow Exponent, and Leakage Area C, n, Flow Coefficient, Flow Exponent [m.sup.3]/(s x [Pa.sup.n]) Sliding Lock On 0.327 0.774 Lock Off 0.475 0.739 Lift Sliding Lock On 0.370 0.642 Lock Off 1.861 0.519 Air Leakage Coefficient of Area, Determination [cm.sup.2]/ [m.sup.2] Sliding Lock On 2.168 0.999 Lock Off 2.905 0.997 Lift Sliding Lock On 1.810 0.992 Lock Off 6.858 0.967 Table 8.
The obtained results showed that at shaft spillways, the H/D submergence is inversely proportional to the discharge coefficient o f the Cd flow rate.