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Temperature determination utilizing self-absorbed spectral lines is well established for mercury high-pressure discharge lamps. If the self-reversed Hg lines are not superimposed by spectral lines of additives they are well suited for temperature measurements in multicomponent HID lamps, too.
Mercury vapor (MV) -- a high-intensity discharge lamp type that uses mercury as the primary light-producing element.
Finally, the arc discharge lamp produces a whiter light when it reflects off the road, resulting in improved visibility.
Intelligent street-lighting control was demonstrated for conventional discharge lamps powered by dimmable ballasts [4], [5].
Previously, the facility used 400-Watt high-intensity discharge lamps, which were upgraded to the Digital Lumens 10,000-lumen intelligent LED fixtures with integrated occupancy sensors in every fixture.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds has launched a new robust range of explosion protected Ex-floodlights for high pressure sodium discharge lamps installed in extreme environments with ambient temperatures from -55 deg C to +55 deg C.
The newly developed high intensity discharge lamps with metallic grey coating as well as new design rear combination lamps also add to the all-round visibility of the car.
Analytical instruments that operate in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared (UV-Vis-NIR) wavelengths require a high brightness light source, typically provided by excimer, deuterium, xenon short arc, or mercury discharge lamps. Each have advantages and disadvantages; but all last less than 1,000 hr because they rely on corrosion-prone electrodes that coat the bulb's surface with eroded material.
Some specific topics include: basic principles of light and vision, electrical discharge lamps, solid state light sources, dynamic lighting, luminaires, and lasers.
Compact and straight fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, high intensity discharge lamps and other lighting equipment are all eligible for the recycling bins which can be found at Ikea and other stores.
The model features Smart Parking Assist System, High Intensity Discharge lamps, LED combination lamps in the rear, heated rear seats, Vehicle Stability Management, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and Emergency Stop Signal.
Established in 1964, USHIO has handled a number of discharge lamps for exposure systems, cinema projectors, data projectors, and other equipment, in addition to halogen lamps used with lighting and office automation equipment.