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The output multichannel discharger of the GPVCP at the amplitude of the charging voltage of the high-voltage capacitive storage of the control system, which exceeds twice the amplitude of the charging voltage of the main storages of the GPVCP cascades, stably operates in the 9-10 channel mode (10 is the maximum possible number of discharge channels in the discharger).
Parts supplier Aircraft Spruce and Specialty stocks a healthy supply of static dischargers for certified and experimental aircraft.
Moreover, the dischargers were not out of trouble because post-decree violations remained fair game, resulting in a subsequent citizen suit alleging post-decree violations, settled for a $450,000 civil penalty and a $4.
With the discharger gas port closed, a range of 200 yards was considered the minimal acceptable distance for the special grenade launching ammunition.
The discharger is constructed of folded plate with no tight corner radii.
Figure 2a shows transition processes at the output of the power source Uh (upper curve) and current Ih through the discharger D in the idling regime of the power source (Rload = [varies]).
Acting on the Environment Ministry's advice that responsibility for disposal of general garbage rests with its dischargers, the municipal government decided to ask the 60 municipalities and associations to shoulder about 1.
It has been ordered by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company to replace one of two dischargers which have been operational since the terminal opened in the early 1970s.
By attaching electric actuators to the housing of the discharger, and a meter to each actuator, the operator can observe the precise discharge rate.
Dischargers are allocated an emission allowance and any emission reduction that the discharger achieves below the regulatory standard, commonly called credits, can be traded," write Greenhalgh and Faeth.
Bullet puller or CO2 bullet discharger (to clear a rifle that won't fire)