discount store

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discount store:

see storestore,
commonly a shop or other establishment for the retail sale of commodities, but also a place where wholesale supplies are kept, exhibited, or sold. Retailing—the sale of merchandise to the consumer—is one of the oldest businesses in the world and was practiced
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0 percent year on year and discount store sales up by 0.
It happened just after 5pm, at Hendon Discount Stores, on Villette Road, when the man wearing some sort of mask and dark clothing entered the premises and requested a lottery ticket.
Competition among retailers in the discount store business is expected to heat up, as rival companies have been making a similar move at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly thrifty in the face of price hikes and little growth in wages in the ongoing economic downturn, analysts said.
Flames quickly spread from the ground floor cafe to first and second floor rooms used for storage and living purposes and into a first floor storeroom above the adjoining discount store.
The company has announced that its Wal-Mart division will open 50 new discount stores, with the format sticking pretty close to its general merchandise roots, although household supply items and dry grocery food products will be well represented.
Littlewoods discount stores general manager David L'Herroux said: "Positions created include sales management opportunities as well as sales floor staff offering full, part-time and weekend work.
Kmart expanded on the variety store format by deepening assortments through its discount store format.
For Walmart founder Sam Walton, getting into the discount store business was partly a defensive move.
Discount store chains have been making inroads into the core merchandise mixes of both drug store and supermarket operators for many years, and that trend continued in 2011.