discrete component

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discrete component

An elementary electronic device constructed as a single unit. Before the advent of integrated circuits (chips), all transistors, resistors, capacitors and diodes were discrete. Discrete components are widely used in amplifiers and other electronic products that use large amounts of current. On a circuit board, they are intermingled with the chips, and there is hardly any electronic product that does not have at least one or two discrete resistors or capacitors. See also discrete manufacturing.

Discrete and Integrated
Discrete devices and integrated circuits (chips) are used togther in almost every electronic product.

Placing the Devices
This shows discrete components being placed onto a printed circuit board. The next step is adhering them to the board by soldering. (Image courtesy of Honeywell, Inc.)
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Using a discrete component has inherent issues, mainly due to higher cost and limited printed circuit board (PCB) space.
Further benefits include a less crowded panel, fewer wiring connections, fewer discrete components, and better thermal-loop monitoring with error reporting than those of comparable systems.
No more dealings with multiple suppliers for discrete components.
It enables designers to use direct digital synthesis of high-frequency signals, thereby simplifying the system design and reducing the number of discrete components required in advanced satellite, aircraft, and terrestrial communications systems.

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