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On a basis of these input changes, the plant identification module calculates a discrete transfer function of the controlled plant.
A parameter tuning module calculates feedback gain K of the LQ regulator from the identified discrete transfer function. The procedure to calculate feedback gain K consists of two parts.
First, from the identified discrete transfer function, the continuous state-space model of the controlled plant as described in [10] is calculated.
The discrete transfer function for the sampling period [T.sub.0] = 2.5s:
* A discrete model (discrete transfer function model) obtained from a continuous model (11) described by discrete transfer function
First, structure of the model was chosen as a discrete transfer function:
Discrete transfer function of second order system has the form:
The discrete transfer function of system was given in form:
Boundary conditions have a direct impact on the form of discrete transfer functions such that different combinations of the discrete boundary conditions give rise to eight different types of DCT.
Algebraic methods (Kucera, 1972; Vidyasagar, 1985) are well known and easy to use for SISO (single-input single-output systems) systems described by continuous or discrete transfer functions. However, if applied to MIMO (multi-input multi-output) systems computational difficulties are increasing.

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