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a disgorging operation, done in the production of bottled champagne to get rid of yeast sediment.

In order to reduce the losses of carbon dioxide and wine, the sediment in the neck of a bottle is chilled before disgorgement. The master disgorger quickly uncorks the bottle, which has been turned neck down, and the sediment is expelled together with the cork by the pressure of the carbon dioxide. Then the bottle is returned to a standing position; a dose of liqueur is added, and the bottle is corked again. Disgorgement is carried out on a special apparatus known as a dégorgement machine.


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Gupta, 'as a statutory insider and beneficial owner of securities traded profitably on the short swing, must therefore disgorge all profits from those trades to issuer Goldman Sachs,' the suit said.
Oasis of the Seas, which begins visits in December, can disgorge 6,000 up to visitors each trip, officials said.
Wouldn't inverting the bottle to disgorge the yeast cause the encapsulated yeast to fall back down and not be disgorged?
Lastly, the department requests for the defendants to disgorge all profits received as a result of their fiduciary breaches, restore to the plan all losses, including interest or lost opportunity costs, award the plaintiff the costs of this action, and provide such other relief as may be just and equitable.
All the surrounding buildings disgorge rainwater into a series of high-level aqueducts, which deliver their contents in turn via open chutes into the watercourse.
Ciccone must pay $100,000 to the OSC in addition to disgorge of $15.
But ink codes on wet bottles can be messy and often illegible and, after several years, when the closures are removed to disgorge the yeast sediment, our filling date information was discarded along with the original closure.