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a disgorging operation, done in the production of bottled champagne to get rid of yeast sediment.

In order to reduce the losses of carbon dioxide and wine, the sediment in the neck of a bottle is chilled before disgorgement. The master disgorger quickly uncorks the bottle, which has been turned neck down, and the sediment is expelled together with the cork by the pressure of the carbon dioxide. Then the bottle is returned to a standing position; a dose of liqueur is added, and the bottle is corked again. Disgorgement is carried out on a special apparatus known as a dégorgement machine.


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only a civil fine but no disgorgement, the SEC has to remit the payment
consent judgment itself directs the defendant to pay disgorgement and
The first is a self-study of a sample of disgorgement funds created
not include disgorgement funds where no civil fine was assessed or
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