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an electrically operated machine for washing, rinsing, and drying dishes, cutlery, etc.



a machine for washing dishes. Dishwashers were introduced in the last quarter of the 19th century. Modern dishwashers may be commercial or domestic, all-purpose or specialized, and continuous-action or cyclic-action. The machines clean dishes with a jet spray or with brushes. Two kinds of dishwashers are currently available: the compartmental type and the open type. In compartmental machines the dishes are washed with a jet of water or detergent solution at a temperature of 30°-6O°C; open machines clean the dishes with water or a detergent solution that is applied by brushes or other mechanical devices.

All-purpose cyclic- and continuous-action dishwashers are the most widely used in the USSR (for example, the commercial machines MMU-250, MMY-500, and MMU-1000; the domestic Straume machine). Many machine models automatically maintain the necessary water level in the tub, water temperature, and detergent concentration.


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Mix one tablespoon of dishwashing soap with two cups cold water.
Mr Khumalo said their wish was to grow Elite dishwashing liquid to a household name.
Several common lifestyle factors and household practices, such as dishwashing methods and some food choices, may increase microbial exposure.
For home care, Clariant offers applications ranging from hand dishwashing liquids to hard surface cleaners to powder laundry detergents.
The Energy Star-qualified DH5000T high temperature hood-type dishwashing machine features sloped hood, electronic controls, rinse sentry, user-friendly auto start and interchangeable stainless steel wash and rinse arms.
In a poll conducted through's Facebook page, a leading beauty website, 91 per cent of the women felt that a strong dishwashing liquid negatively affected the beauty of their hands.
An assessment of the attitudes, values and preferences buyers of the leading brands of dishwashing liquid reveals a market segmented into buyers who prefer trusted, quality products, those who prefer environmentally friendly products and those who look for value for money.
Wholly owned subsidiary of Compass Minerals North American Salt Company, a seller of salt and other minerals, announced on Tuesday the addition of a new dishwashing salt product to its line of Nature's Own premium water care products.
BLACKSTONE - One of the top five things a homeowner can do to protect the state's rivers is to use no-phosphate dishwashing detergent.
Experiments to determine the toxicity of commercially available dishwashing liquids (Palmolive [R], Dawn[R] and Joy[R]) and household cleaners (409[R], Fantastik[R], Fantastik[R] Orange, Dawn[R] Power Dissolver, and Greased Lightning[R]) against cockroaches were conducted with two application techniques, spray and immersion.
A cheaper and safer alternative to commercial dishwashing cleaners is bi-carb (Baking Soda) and vinegar--this is recommended by Barbara Lord in her book The Green Cleaner.
Meiko's in-line and bespoke dishwashing systems offer high quality German engineering combined with the project management expertise of Meiko UK.