disk farm

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disk farm

(Or "laundromat") A large room or rooms filled with disk drives (especially washing machines).
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server farm

A group of servers that are housed in one facility. A server farm comprises dozens, hundreds or even thousands of rack-mounted servers, typically running the same operating system and applications. Using load balancing, the workload is distributed among all machines.

Although the terms "server farm," "disk farm" and "datacenter" are mostly synonymous, a server farm often refers to a "darkened" datacenter full of Web servers that is devoid of people except for machine repairs. A general-purpose datacenter, on the other hand, may have human operators at consoles as well as people loading paper in printers and loading and unloading optical disc and tape cartridges. See clustering, darkened datacenter and telecom hotel.
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Parallel SCSI standards of Ultra160, Ultra320 and Ultra640, coupled with SAS will support enterprise networks and disk farms. While iSCSI devices are designed to support network storage at minimal cost using the existing cable plant, SATA-1 and 2 devices are generally used at the desktop level connecting internal hard drives or other peripherals such as optical drives.
And low-cost disk farms on an IP-SAN can a lleviate, and potentially obviate, the tape backup window problem, while making backup data readily available for disaster recovery."