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OSTA recently announced its adoption of the Universal Disk Format (UDF), primarily for CD-Recordable optical media.
HFS is the native disk format for the Macintosh CD-ROMs.
OSTA also gets the credit for the specifications of the Universal Disk Format. It is meant in the long run to replace the use of the ISO 9660 standard, which has served well for the read-only medium but is not appropriate for the recordable/rewritable media.
Besides its well-known encyclopedia, Compton's publishes numerous reference, business information, education and entertainment titles in electronic formats, principally the CD-ROM compact disk format that incorporates text, graphics, audio and video.
016405) is available for $495, in either 5 1/4" or 3 1/2" disk format. A network version also is available for $695 for 2 to 10 users (product no.
It is available in both 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" disk format and requires approximately 1.5 megabytes of disk storage and 640K RAM memory.
The Super Audio CD (SACD) is an optical disk format jointly developed by Sony and Philips Electronics N.V.
UDF (Universal Disk Format) presents a standard read/write file format for CD and DVD, as well as MO.
In some cases, utilities can recover a file even after an accidental hard disk format, which is a programming step that first clears the hard disk's magnetic surface and then prepares it to receive new data.