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The subject of the tender is for the supply of server acquisition of AV disk recording in HDTV quality with lower speed replay, oklipovn, trimming record and ability to work in Master-Slave mode.
Entertain Sat will also incorporate time-shift functions and hard disk recording with 500 GB memory, in addition to flat rate telephony and Internet.
0 provides unlimited throughput to disk recording of time sample data including the option of multiple scheduled recording.
today introduced a new hard disk recording (HDR) service that is able to simultaneously record terrestrial, BS and cable broadcasts.
All new vehicles needing a tachograph - the recording device that is sometimes compared to the 'black box' of an airliner - will have to fit a digital unit, rather than the old paper disk recording version.
The resulting noise was then fed to disk recording machines, which stored the results on lacquer-coated disks.
This is particularly significant because disk recording densities had been increasing on an average of 60% annually since the early 1990s.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: Server for the acquisition of av disk recording in hdtv quality.
Enhanced read performance on top of magnetic disk recording performance is seen as being extremely important to simultaneously achieving smaller HDDs with higher recording densities.
Although disk densities are continuing to rise, the rate of growth is expected to slow as disk recording nears a superparamagnetic limitation.
The WJ-DH500 hard disk recording system from Panasonic, whose North American headquarters is in Secaucus, New Jersey, offers DVD-RAM modules for archiving.