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What does it mean when you dream about dismemberment?

Dismemberment is a very ancient and widespread motif in initiation, especially in shamanistic initiation, in which one is taken apart and put back together in a renewed, improved form. If the experience does not feel unpleasant during a dream, dismemberment may well indicate the closing of one phase of life and rebirth into a new phase. If accompanied by strong emotions of fear and anxiety, dismemberment may simply reflect a feeling of “coming apart.”

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They believed that the missing woman was murdered and dismembered in the house in which her remains were found.
The boy's dismembered and charred body was found within the premises of the house.
AN ARM found in the sea off Copenhagen was weighed down in the same way as the dismembered legs of a journalist who disappeared during a trip on a submarine, police said yesterday.
JAPANESE police have found nine dismembered bodies in an apartment south west of Tokyo, in an apparent serial killing case that is transfixing and horrifying the nation.
In unusual testimony in favor of the bill, Wayne Cockfield of Florence, SC, a retired Marine Corps sergeant, told the subcommittee he is "someone who has been dismembered.
The dismembered remains of the 37-year-old were discovered at Thornton's Recycling Plant in Ballyfermot, West Dublin, on July 31 last year.
A man has been charged in connection with the murder of a missing woman who was found dismembered at a flat in south Wales.
A MAN'S dismembered body has been discovered by horrified workers at a recycling plant - days after he was freed from jail.
ABSTRACT Objective: To report our experience with open dismembered pyeloplasty for uretero-pelvic junction obstruction.
Related article: Beheaded and dismembered body of woman found in waste container in Bishkek
AIMS & OBJECTIVES: A comparative study of dismembered and non dismembered pyeloplasty is done with following aims and objectives.
Summary: Guadalajara: The bodies of nine men, most of them dismembered, were found inside a sport .