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What does it mean when you dream about dismemberment?

Dismemberment is a very ancient and widespread motif in initiation, especially in shamanistic initiation, in which one is taken apart and put back together in a renewed, improved form. If the experience does not feel unpleasant during a dream, dismemberment may well indicate the closing of one phase of life and rebirth into a new phase. If accompanied by strong emotions of fear and anxiety, dismemberment may simply reflect a feeling of “coming apart.”

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In what police have described as one of the most bone-chilling murders recorded in recent years, the dismembered parts of victim's body were recovered between April 18 and April 20 by Patna police along railway tracks and on a train bogey.
A businessman was murdered and his body was then taken hundreds of miles to be burned and dismembered after a dispute between pizza restaurant partners, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.
"You dismembered her body using a saw in your bath and then carried the eight parts in four trips to a secluded area and then buried them."
After murdering Liane, he kept her body in a back bedroom of his house in Hollins Road, Oldham, Greater Manchester, then dismembered her in the bath when his girlfriend had gone to work.
Victim Alan Wilson's dismembered corpse was found in Sutherland's garden hidden in bin bags.
Police are also set to release a facial reconstruction of the victim to help identify him, after his dismembered body was discovered piece by piece across the English countryside.
Mr Noor's dismembered body was found floating in black plastic bags near Ballybough in the north of Dublin after the pair chopped it up - hacking off his penis and head which have never been found.
A Dutch court yesterday granted the extradition of a man wanted by police in connection with the death of a teenager whose dismembered remains were found 60 miles apart.
Mr Noor's dismembered body was found floating in a river in plastic bags near Ballybough, North Dublin, after the pair chopped it up - hacking off his penis and head which have never been found.
Police found Lucie's dismembered body partly encased in concrete and buried in the cave in February.
Summary: The man whose dismembered body parts were found scattered across the English countryside has been named by police.
Their victim was hit over the head with a machete, dumped in a scalding bath and then dismembered using a handsaw and an electric carving knife.