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Many materials used today are disperse systems where one substance, often a particulate, is dispersed in another phase.
Hence, in the mixing of polymers, mostly disperse systems are formed, in which the minor constituent is dispersed in a matrix of the major constituent.
He sets out an systematic approach to the formulation of various products, and describes the complex interactions in different cosmetic disperse systems. Among the topics are polymeric surfactants in cosmetic formulations, the formulation of cosmetic emulsions, liposomes and vesicles in cosmetic formulations, the formulation of sunscreens for ultraviolet protection, and the formulation of color cosmetics.
Applications include determination of the stress optical coefficient, analysis of domain structures in liquid crystals and studying the dynamics of structure re-orientation in disperse systems, such as emulsions and suspensions.
Physical-Chemical Mechanics of Disperse Systems and Materials
The Zetasizer Nano simplifies the size measurement and stability characterisation of a wide range of disperse systems and molecules in solution.