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The procedure used for the purification of LDH, described in this report is economical and simple as it does not require the complex methods such as biomemetic dye affinity chromatography, general-ligand affinity chromatography or displacement chromatography on a Tris Acryl DEAE (Pridgar et al., 1984., Ghose and BoMattiasson, 1993; Labrou and Clonis, 1995).
A sampling of individual paper topics includes displacement chromatography of biomacromolecules, principles of membrane separation processes, removal and analysis of contaminants and impurities, and the manufacture of gene therapy products and viral vaccines.
In displacement chromatography, a sample is loaded on the ion-exchange media, followed by a solution of a molecule that binds to the media more tightly than any of the sample components.
Comparison of drug binding interactions on human, rat and rabbit serum albumin using high-performance displacement chromatography. Comp Biochem Physiol 1995;112C:257-66.