disposal unit

waste-disposal unit

waste-disposal unit
An electric-motor-driven device for grinding waste food and disposing of it through the plumbing drainage pipes; may be installed without a grease trap in a residence.
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The bomb disposal unit, ladies police, ambulances, Rescue 1122 and district administration officials will remain present in the post round the clock during Muharram.
Shanmugamoorthy Chinniah said the police were informed of the find at 10am and a bomb disposal unit arrived at the house at 11.40am.
The explosion occurred when a Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) was trying to defuse an explosive device in Azakhel Payan area of Noshehra district, police authorities said.
Homes in Kinfauns Drive and Ledmore Drive in Drumchapel were evacuated as police and a Royal Navy bomb disposal unit carried out a major search.
It said the cops would be assisted by quick response force, ladies police and bomb disposal unit.
Personnel of Bomb Disposal Unit and sniffer dogs will accompany police while checking has been increased at all entry points of the city.
Soon after receiving information, a bomb disposal unit from Hyderabad reached the scene and disarmed the explosive device.
The vintage bomb was reported to the bomb disposal unit by the Department of Public Works and Highways, which was conducting the dredging operations.
A BOMB disposal unit was called to a stretch of canal in the city centre after a suspected historic grenade was found.
"Experts from the Army's bomb disposal unit at Catterick Garrison were called to the scene.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police confirmed that officers from the Royal Logistics Corps bomb disposal unit were mobilised.