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a sports term.

(1) The exclusion of an athlete or team from a game owing to a technical violation of rules; this results in the invalidation of the score or place occupied by the individual or team.

(2) The deprivation of an athlete’s or team’s right to participate in competition as a result of a violation of moral and ethical norms of conduct. In certain cases this involves depriving an athlete of his official standing. Disqualification may be conditional, lasting only for a specified period of time. Decisions concerning disqualification are made by sports clubs, societies, federations, and committees.

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THE Supreme Court verdict seeking immediate disqualification of lawmakers who have been convicted with a jail term of two years or more in a criminal case is unlikely to change anytime soon.
Invariably, whenever there has been a disqualification, there has been a reclassification.
The Warwick team also recommended that arrangements should be put in place to supervise and monitor all health and safety prosecution files, with a view to identifying cases where it would be appropriate to make application for a disqualification order.
Mr Hawes, 'Since the introduction of the Insolvency Act 2000 (on April 1, 2001), the disqualification of company directors by undertaking, rather than by court order, is continuing to grow in popularity, delivering a massive boost to making the disqualification of directors a more straightforward, quicker and cost-effective process.
The new regulations do, however, provide relief from disqualification if a timely corrective distribution is made to the participant.
THE Supreme Court on Wednesday dealt a blow to the Centre's attempt to protect convicted MPs and MLAs from incurring disqualification by dismissing its petition seeking review of its July 10 verdict.
Rock Hard Ten's disqualification from second to third for interfering with Imperialism in last Saturday's $750,000 Santa Anita Derby cost the lightly-raced colt the difference between $150,000 and $90,000.
MacPhee admitted breaking the 60mph speed limit on June 28 last year, but appealed against the disqualification.
The consultation document on road traffic penalties called for extended periods of disqualification for dangerous drivers and proposed the introduction of a second tier of points for those who drive at excessive speeds.
Various county officials have reported disqualifications under 20 percent.
The Government's Insolvency Service said this week that the periods of disqualification were also getting longer.
First violation -- Disqualification for 90 days to one year.