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a sports term.

(1) The exclusion of an athlete or team from a game owing to a technical violation of rules; this results in the invalidation of the score or place occupied by the individual or team.

(2) The deprivation of an athlete’s or team’s right to participate in competition as a result of a violation of moral and ethical norms of conduct. In certain cases this involves depriving an athlete of his official standing. Disqualification may be conditional, lasting only for a specified period of time. Decisions concerning disqualification are made by sports clubs, societies, federations, and committees.

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'In a word, the final judgment is an indispensable requisite to disqualify any candidate running for an elective office,' the election lawyer said.
Most Magistrates Courts across South Wales will only disqualify you if you are present in court, either having attended voluntarily or having been arrested on bail.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 28 (ANI): Senior BJP leader Jagadish Shettar on Sunday said that the decision of Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar to disqualify 14 rebel Congress and JD(S) MLAs in one go is the violation of the Supreme Court's order, which says that the Speaker must have taken a call on their resignations first.
Election commission can not disqualify member of assembly whose name is placed in 4th schedule.
Earlier today, EC chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah had said that the decision to disqualify Tian Chua was done by the RO and that he could file a petition with the courts to decide on his disqualification.
'Disqualify in a fixed match those you cannot face through the power of the vote.
The lawyer, thus, requested the court to disqualify Musharraf from party office.