disruptive technology

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disruptive technology

A new technology that has a serious impact on the status quo and changes the way people have been dealing with something, perhaps for decades. Throughout history, there have been many disruptive technologies, including the steam engine, electricity, automobile, telephone, integrated circuit (chip) and the Internet.

Music CDs wiped out the phonograph industry within a few years (although audiophiles later created a renaissance), while Pandora and other online music services have all but eliminated CDs. Video streaming has made the DVD industry less relevant, and USB drives along with Internet storage have been the death knell for all optical media.

Digital cameras demolished the film industry, and smartphones have practically eliminated the stand-alone camera business. With smartphones, there is also no need for built-in navigation units in a vehicle or portable units that mount on the dashboard. Stay tuned!

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This multidimensional approach enables us to determine, for example, the disruption cost for a workstation over a five-day period after an equipment failure or the disruption cost for a group of workstations during an employee's shift attributed to that employee's operation errors.
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According to a statement from National Cyber Security Agency (Nacsa) tonight, preliminary findings by Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) indicated that the disruption was due to network equipment failure.
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(TAP) - Tunisair's General Management and the pilots' union have agreed to resume negotiations from Monday and to settle controversial issues between the two parties following the disruption of the national carrier's flights for more than two days, according to data published by the Ministry of Transport.
All these will now face a major disruption.The business and career of today are prone to disruptions, many of which will hit our core.
Until I heard this report on the radio, I hadn't given equal consideration to how the consequences of an unplanned event - in this case, the grounding of Boeing's 737 MAX jet due to two crashes featuring similar characteristics - could also exert an effect on upstream companies caught in a supply chain disruption.
[USPRwire, Mon Dec 24 2018] Trapping and mating disruption is a technique used for pest management.
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A majority (94.1 per cent) of family businesses in Asia have experienced at least one technological disruption, but less than half are prepared to integrate disruptive technologies into their business models, according to a study commissioned by Lombard Odier, a global wealth and asset manager.
PEOPLE travelling by rail this Christmas can expect widespread disruption over the festive period.