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(1) (Data Instrumentation Systems) See DST.

(2) (Dis) A virtual machine. See Inferno.


god of nether world; identified with Pluto. [Rom. Myth.: Leach, 315]
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In his budget proposal which was approved by Parliament on Tuesday, Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Mr Eric Molale said DISS was allocated P261 million for its development expenditure which was 39 per cent of the total development budget of the ministry.
com/did-remy-ma-call-nicki-minaj-clown-instagram-over-no-frauds-diss-2508998) Remy then trolled Minaj for not releasing a diss record right away and eventually, Minaj put out "No Frauds," which quickly climbed up the charts while throwing several jabs at her rival.
The preservation process included replicating the message in the neighboring DISs.
If you hear a diss enough times, you'll actually start to believe it (even though it's false).
The primary aim is to trial the roof turbines at Diss for their environmental benefits," said a spokesman for consultants Development Planning Partnership.
Six Lesser-known Piano Quintets of the Twentieth Century," (DMA Diss.
The oldies diss the youngsters; the youngsters diss each other; everyone disses the Strokes.
Maharaj, who had written and staged the hip-hop musical Diss; Diss and Diss Dat for New York's New Federal Theatre in 2003, gathered a group of spoken-word poets for a workshop aimed at exploring cultural and sexual identities--the material generated became source material for the play.
DISS is designed with the view that the psychologist and even the guidance counselor are capable of employing the same theory being used by the psychiatrist in psychoanalysis, but in a much more simplified manner.
Bet365 bet on the FA Vase: 9-4 AFC Sudbury, 11-2 Prescot Cables, 13-2 Burgess Hill, 10 Clitheroe, Winchester, 12 Brigg, Mossley, 14 St Blazey, Bridlington, 16 Lowestoft, 20 Maldon, Oadby, Whitley Bay, 28 Diss, 33 Devizes, Gorleston, 66 Withdean.
DISS seeks to assess the nature and degree of cognitive dissonance (feeling of discomfort) present, which is often hidden deep in the unconscious, and sometimes causes serious health problems.
diss, Columbia University, 1998); Andrew Hunt, "Rethinking the Sixties: Searching for New Directions," Journal of Social History, vol.