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in chemistry, separation of a substance into atoms or ions. Thermal dissociation occurs at high temperatures. For example, hydrogen molecules (H2) dissociate into atoms (H) at very high temperatures; at 5,000°K; about 95% of the molecules in a sample of hydrogen are dissociated into atoms. Electrolytic dissociation occurs when an electrolyteelectrolyte
, electrical conductor in which current is carried by ions rather than by free electrons (as in a metal). Electrolytes include water solutions of acids, bases, or salts; certain pure liquids; and molten salts.
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 is dissolved in a polar solventsolvent,
constituent of a solution that acts as a dissolving agent. In solutions of solids or gases in a liquid, the liquid is the solvent. In all other solutions (i.e., liquids in liquids or solids in solids) the constituent that is present in larger quantity is considered the
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. For example, when hydrogen chloride, HCl, is dissolved in water to form hydrochloric acid, most of its molecules dissociate into hydrogen ionsion,
atom or group of atoms having a net electric charge. Positive and Negative Electric Charges

A neutral atom or group of atoms becomes an ion by gaining or losing one or more electrons or protons.
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 (H+) and chloride ions (Cl). Some pure substances spontaneously dissociate. For example, in pure water some of the molecules dissociate to form hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions. Dissociation is generally reversible; when the atoms or ions of the dissociated substance are returned to the original conditions, they recombine in the original form of the substance. The dissociation constant is a measure of the extent of dissociation. It is represented by the symbol K. In the simplest case, if a substance AB dissociates into two parts A and B and the concentrations of AB, A, and B are represented by [AB], [A], and [B], then K=[A]×[B]/[AB]. The dissociation constant is measured at equilibrium, and its value is usually affected by changes in temperature.
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the process by which molecules break up into a number of simpler particles—molecules, radicals, atoms, or ions. Three types of dissociation are generally distinguished: thermal dissociation, which takes place at elevated temperature (for example, N2O4 ⇄ 2NO2); electrolytic dissociation, which occurs when electrolytes are dissolved (the splitting of the molecules of electrolytes into ions, for example, KOH ⇄ K+ + OH-); and photochemical dissociation, which is observed under the action of light (for example, Cl2 + hγ → 2Cl, where hy is a quantum of light). A quantitative characteristic of dissociation is the degree of dissociation, which is the ratio of the number of molecules that have broken up to the total number of molecules.

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Independent, uncoordinated functioning of the atria and ventricles.
The appearance of a novel colony type on solid media after one or more subcultures of the microorganism in liquid media.
(physical chemistry)
Separation of a molecule into two or more fragments (atoms, ions, radicals) by collision with a second body or by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation.
The segregation of ideas from their affects or feelings, resulting in independent functioning of these components of a person's mental processes.
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