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In the distaff side, Group A is composed of Ateneo, Adamson, La Salle and UE while Group B has FEU, NU, UP and UST.
It's the distaff side of Tim Allen's The Santa Clause, flat as a pancake and frequently embarrassing.
It seemed almost stupid as to why the passport was being made such a big issue, since someone like Prakash Amritraj had played for India for years and on the distaff side, Shikha Uberoi and Sunitha Rao were no longer eligible to play for India.
On the distaff side, the four women highlighted the brilliance of Verdi's scoring and their individual and ensemble competence.
Fiske (English, Rutgers University) follows the distaff side of Greek.
The distaff side gets short shrift in his historical discussion, too.
How brave and how funny to choose this title, inviting us to haul the body of the fifty-three-year-old artist from the distaff side of the still-quite-sexist German art world and to read it back into the cramped display of three decades' worth of production, including "moving walls," mechanical sculptures, studies for books, and, above all, wool pictures.
The inn's owners--particularly on the distaff side, traditionally the power in Japan's culture of hospitality--wanted a look that diverged from the formulaic.
Even on the distaff side of laissez faire, security was personal, not social, and what injustice existed this side of heaven would no doubt be redeemed beyond the Pearly Gates.
The states with the worst percentages for the distaff side were: Alabama (keeping its ranking of 50th), 7.
His sensitivity and thoughtfulness attracted him to the distaff side, instead.
In the movie, Stone plays the distaff side of a shattered love triangle, whose now middle-age participants have been struggling to come to terms with a crime they committed long ago.