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Prosody a unit of two verse lines, usually a couplet
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in poetry, a two-verse stanza. An example of distich is Sergei Esenin’s lines: “You are my leafless maple, my ice-covered maple, /Why do you stand, stooped over, under the white blizzard?”

An unrhymed hexameter or pentameter distich is called an elegiac distich. The distich appears as an independent poem in epigrams, epitaphs, and inscriptions. In eastern poetry, it is called a bait.

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Paradoxist Distichs are easy to read and consume less time of the reader.
The meter of Hassensteinius' poetry is overwhelmingly distichs, with some Sapphic strophes.
That was easier with the 'Drag and Drop' facility, but the words I looked up (e.g., distich, dactylic and arsis) sent me to other words, which used those words again, and I was locked in the circularity bind that frustrates users of so many dictionaries.
Or, should my wife get mad, I can guarantee to have her all softened up after not more than three distiches.
The poem has 22 distiches and follows one of the meters of medieval Hebrew poetry.
In addition to receiving a thorough immersion in classical languages and culture -- as well as certain grounding in the oriental languages -- Alsop also discovered there his metier in a manner resembling that of William Cowper some six decades later: At Westminster, where little poets strive To set a distich upon six and five, Where discipline helps opening buds of sense, And makes his pupils proud with silver pence, I was a poet too.
December 30, 1977: Recited a distich: "Si t[acute{a}]t sorti de l'hermitage/ ce f[acute{u}t le calme apr[acute{e}]s l'orage." Talked about Jocelyn (Herbert), Billie Whitelaw, Leonardo.
recognizes this symmetrical device "invented by Greek teachers of rhetoric" and expands it by employing a tripartite structure in "The Contest," which consists of three parts comprising 10 stanzas.(15) Part 1 contains four stanzas - an opening quatrain, followed by a tristich, and two more quatrains; parts 2 and 3 contain three stanzas each - two quatrains framing a distich in part 2, and three consecutive quintets in part 3.
no greater power of satiric suggestion was shown by the consul Ablabius when in a couple of verses he stabbed at the life and family of Constantine and put his tooth into them with this distich posted up secretly on the door of the palace:
A common enough event in the Iliad, one might think; the distich ought to be rather frequent.
It is probable besides that together they produced, in pronouncing the same word, a dialogue-poem in what was the first form of the distich.
The apparatus of 'A Distich' is defective, and the note is incorrect.