distributed load

Distributed load

A load distributed over the surface; unless otherwise described, it is usually considered uniformly distributed.

Distributed Load


in structural mechanics, a load that is distributed continuously over a given area or along a given line. A continuous load may be uniformly distributed, that is, have a constant intensity, or it may vary according to some other pattern, for example, linearly or quadratically.

distributed load

A load which acts evenly over a structural member or over a surface that supports the load.

distributed load

A load that is not concentrated on a point but distributed over an area.
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According to the principles of this calculation, the tensile force of cables under uniformly distributed load is related to the deflection of the stiffening girder in cables anchorage point.
At first, a static analysis has been achieved, where a uniform distributed load has been applied at the right end of the beam.
The behaviour of classical suspension bridges is analysed based on the assumption that the hangers transfer a uniformly distributed load to the cable.
"That's because, being a double linear slide, it gives us more distributed load. Imagine coming down on a rock with your drill moving forward without cutting rock perpendicular to its surface.
Uniform distributed load of runways for concrete transport and impact loads of the crowding of crewmembers.
Typically, for a distance of 120cm between supports, Alligrid is designed to bear an evenly distributed load of 590kg or point loading of 250kg, both with a safety factor of 10:1, say the Helix Division of Allibert Equipment Ltd of St.Oswalds Trading Estate, Gloucestershire, tel:0145 242 0400.
Vocking, "Distributed load balancing algorithm for adaptive channel allocation for cognitive radios," in Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications (CrownCom '07), pp.
Figures 11 and 12 shows the load vs mid-span deflection curves for different fillet radius for point load and uniformly distributed load respectively, whereas; Figure 13 shows the von-Mises stresses around the corners region of openings for different fillet radius.
This change is connected with a quasistatic preload under the train, which can be substituted by a distributed load [4].
Therefore, the shape factor for the uniformly distributed load [[mu].sub.1] = 0.4 and the shape factor for the drifted snow load [[mu].sub.2] = 2.2.
They have adjustable brackets, screws and wall plugs so as they can be affixed to most solid walls, and all shelves can hold a uniformly distributed load of 5kg.
The modeling of the foundation soil and determining the depth, to which traffic loads cause tensions and deformations in the embankment, required the study of tension distribution in the foundation soil in the areal problem, assuming a uniformly distributed load in the semi-space between tire and road surface.

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