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SunSoft's Project DOE -- Distributed Objects Everywhere SunSoft is a leader in developing object-oriented software products that adhere to industry standards.
Members of the Object Management Group(TM) (OMG(TM)) met in Yokohama, Japan, from April 22 through April 26, 2002 at a meeting sponsored by the Distributed Objects Promotion Group (DOPG), an organization of fifteen Japanese vendors of distributed computing technology.
HD-DOMS, the first OMG-compliant distributed object management system, enables developers to define, build, store, and modify distributed objects dynamically, allowing network-wide reusability and extensibility at runtime.
The sessions include a special focus on how technologies such as distributed objects, component ware, CORBA, UML, Java, XML, ActiveX, IIOP, SOAP and C# are being integrated into the next generation of enterprise applications -- and serve as the infrastructure for technology companies like Netscape, Oracle, Sun, IBM, Microsoft and hundreds of others.
This workshop will serve as a forum for users, researchers and implementers with expertise in Real-Time and Embedded Distributed Objects in order to exchange knowledge, experience, plans and requirements.
Today's announcement builds upon the partnership we established with Sun in which we provide CORBA-based Java and C++ distributed objects support for the Solaris operating environment and application servers.
This professional services agreement enables both companies to further support our customers in managing distributed objects in a mission-critical environment.
Attendees will learn how to determine middleware requirements for enterprise applications integration; the state of Java, CORBA, and application servers platforms; where CORBA best fits; how to integrate distributed objects with Legacy application; and much more.
We view Windows DNAfs as a powerful platform for delivering distributed objects while maintaining scalability and transaction management.
x-compliant Object Request Broker (ORB) that delivers distributed objects for the enterprise.
Through its complete set of high-level component assembly tools, DYNASTY allows developers to build, assemble and manage distributed objects without coding entire applications by hand.
The acquisition adds more than 40 full-time consultants who specialize in distributed objects to BEA's worldwide services organization.

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