distributed processing

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distributed processing

The first term used to describe the distribution of multiple computers throughout an organization in contrast to a centralized system. Distributed processing was coined in the 1970s when minicomputers replaced terminals connected to a central mainframe.

The terms distributed processing, "distributed computing" and "decentralized processing" are used synonymously. See distributed computing and client/server.

Blockchain Processing
In the 2020s, the distributed processing term was resurrected to refer to the "distributed ledger" architecture of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. See blockchain.

Less or More Fault Tolerant
Technically, a distributed processing network is more interconnected than a decentralized network and thus more resilient to single-node failure.
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Lumin takes its design cues from current trends in consumer products like smart phones and tablet PC's, and features the latest in fiber optics, distributed processing, wireless connectivity, and certified digital content management technologies.
VMware is also announcing updates to Spring for Apache Hadoop, an open source project first launched in February of 2012 to make it easy for enterprise developers to build distributed processing solutions with Apache Hadoop.
The committee also formalised an agreement between ESA and funding agencies in a number of its Member States to develop Euclid's two scientific instruments, a visible-wavelength camera and a near-infrared camera/spectrometer, and the large distributed processing system needed to analyse the data they produce.
The new products consist of two product families: a line of parallel distributed processing and complex event processing products -which are standard technologies in big data applications - and a line of products to employ big data in a wide range of uses.
The new HD Witness platform architecture complements D-Link IP surveillance solutions, providing businesses a range of performance benefits, including expanded scalability, ease-of-use, adaptive bandwidth optimisation, efficient distributed processing, automated device discovery and configuration and streamlined implementation.
"It's truly distributed processing. You connect all the devices, turn on the power, push the auto configuration button, and it checks the devices on the gateway and maps them," Chung said.
FineSim SPICE is a full SPICE simulation engine with distributed processing that enables design teams to simulate large-scale mixed-signal SoCs at the transistor level.
He and McClelland wrote Parallel Distributed Processing: Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition, a book that brought the concept of connectionism to a wider audience of psychologists, neuroscientists and computer scientists.
In addition to enabling distributed processing across a full set of WebSearch installations (no matter the locations), WebSearch Grid provides support for increased performance through database replication.
Fundamental to the engine are three characteristics necessary to provide 5x or more data reduction on high-speed network traffic: distributed processing; massively parallel design; and dedupe performed in programmable logic.
Parallel and distributed processing with applications (ISPA-09); proceedings.
With native multi-core support (SMP, BMP) and transparent distributed processing, the QNX Neutrino RTOS also offers massive scalability, allowing networking elements to handle increases in traffic or services without forklift upgrades.

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