distribution board

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distribution switchboard

An electric switchboard used to distribute power within a building; enclosed in a metal box which includes circuit breakers, fuses, and switches.
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Electronic auction: maintenance of the dispatching system: automatic control equipment for ventilation and air conditioning, hot heat and water supply, refrigeration equipment, transformer substation ru-0,4 kv, floor distribution boards, central switchboards
We are pleased to introduce our company - manufacturers of low voltage switchgears and distribution boards.
In conjunction with existing distribution boards from the Alpha portfolio - including the proven communications-capable protection, switching, measuring, and monitoring devices from the Sentron portfolio - the Alpha 3200 ensures consistent, reliable power distribution from end to end.
GDS manufactures main distribution boards, sub main distribution boards, motor control centers, feeder pillars and street lighting panels and synchronizing panels.
On the electrical side the contractor is asked to install eight 1,600 kilovolt ampere (kVA) transformers, a light voltage panel and distribution, busbar trunking, distribution boards, sub main distribution boards, a motor control centre, lighting and power, eight 1,875 kVA Generators, as well as an uninterruptable power supply extra-light voltage system.
The first-of-its-kind 3,000kV project will accommodate two transformers of 1,500kV each on the ground floor and main isolation and contact devices and four main low-voltage distribution boards on the second floor, he added.
Users will need to install sensors on power distribution boards so they can check the amount of electricity generated by home solar power systems and electricity consumption in each room on their computers.
Supply of two low voltage electricity distribution boards.
MCI supplies a diverse range of electrical control systems, including motor control centres (MCCs), junction boxes, motor starters, control panels, distribution boards and CPFG (combined pressure fire and gas) panels.
The governing body also approved the purchase of electric transformers, the distribution boards and the replacement of electric grid in the city of Qatia at a cost of 121 million and 876 thousand riyals.
Gulf Dynamic Switchgear LLC (GDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of M'sharie LLC, the private equity arm of Dubai Investments PJSC, has secured a major contract worth about AED8 million to supply low voltage switchboards and AC Distribution Boards for Phase 1 of the Red Line of the world-acclaimed Dubai Metro Project.
ABB is dramatically reducing the time it takes to specify and assembly mains distribution boards, with the launch of its Triline-R enclosure range.
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