distribution reinforcement

distribution-bar reinforcement, distribution steel

In a reinforced concrete slab, small-diameter steel reinforcing bars, usually at right angles to the main reinforcement; intended to spread a concentrated load on the slab and to prevent cracking.
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Moreover, the influence of various cases of distribution reinforcement bars in a section on cracking behaviour should be investigated.
Distribution reinforcement As5 and As6 shall be provided in top slab, bottom slab and both walls.
SSEPD will now, amongst other initiatives, work with Orkney Islands Council and developers to understand the amount of onshore wind that could be developed within planning and environmental constraints in order to justify a transmission reinforcement and with Scottish Government and, if appropriate, the European Union, on funding for a distribution reinforcement.
The project will provide more reliable and improved security of water supply in dhaka by developing a new surface water supply scheme for supply augmentation, which includes the development of a water intake at meghna river, a raw water transmission pipeline, a water treatment plant (wtp) at gandharbpur with capacity of 500 million liters per day (mld), a treated water transmission pipeline to the existing water supply network, and distribution reinforcements. the project will also include distribution network improvements to reduce nonrevenue water (nrw); and will improve the quality of water supply services, including support to low-income communities.
The project will also include 14 km treated water transmission pipelines from the Gandharbpur WTP to the injection point of the existing distribution network and distribution reinforcements (+/- 30 km) in the target area with an estimated population of approximately 3 million.
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