distribution steel

distribution-bar reinforcement, distribution steel

In a reinforced concrete slab, small-diameter steel reinforcing bars, usually at right angles to the main reinforcement; intended to spread a concentrated load on the slab and to prevent cracking.
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The project also includes a 0.53 km long bulk distribution steel pipeline with 212 mm diameter and the 508 NB pipeline which will increase the level of service and decrease backlogs in the greater Mabeskraal region as well as the Bohule and Tlhatlaganyane clusters and in the medium term also the Motlabe cluster.
3.1 t load distribution steel plates for railings, 47 m steel sheet railing stairs inside, 22.5 m rod railing roof outside, 1 t supporting structure escape staircase outside, 7.7 m 2 grid, 1 st crampon h = 1.75 m, 1 st of stairs h 1 m, 85 m handrail oak, 47 m final coating steel sheet railing.
- Type I) Maintenance of infrastructure for natural gas distribution steel (primary and secondary networks),

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